Eric Whann

Prior to teaming up with Veneto West and Cubix Storage, Eric Whann founded ITLO Equity, LLC, and served as Director of Acquisitions and Leasing for Sutter & Pierce EPC, LLC, both privately held opportunistic real estate investment companies focused on the development of single and multi-tenant net lease retail projects. Eric Whann has extensive experience in commercial real estate finance, acquisition, disposition and development, with a specialized focus on sourcing and executing value-add developments from site selection to operation and exit sale.

A native of Columbus, Ohio, Eric Whann is also a proud Godfather to two Nephews and holds a bachelor’s degree in Entrepreneurship from the University of Dayton. In his spare time Eric Whann enjoys exploring new places and testing his physical limits, most recently finishing an IRONMAN 140.6 and backpacking through Patagonia and Northern Argentina.