Self Storage Development Consulting Services

Providing Solutions & Support for Self-Storage Properties

As part of our mission to build the best self-storage facilities, Cubix Asset Management provides self-storage construction and design expertise for prospective development projects and those already built.

Support Services for Self-Storage Development

There are a million things that can get overlooked or go wrong during development and construction. Any one of them can make the difference between project success and project failure. That’s where we can help.

Cubix Asset Management is a one-stop shop for prospective self-storage real estate developers with the specialized expertise they need to move their projects toward completion.

From market research to entitlement support and more, our suite of development services adds value at every stage of the process. We make even the most challenging visionary projects more successful with the optimal combination of experienced advisors to guide and assist you through the complex processes of development.

These solutions include:

    Economic and Market Research Studies

    Land Use / Entitlement Support Services

    Construction Project Risk Assessment

    Cost Estimating

Real Estate Development Consulting - Economic and Market Research Studies

With the advent of the Internet and other readily available sources of information, gathering statistical data for market research reports has become easier than ever. However, achieving an in-depth understanding of the many self-storage market forces at play in this field still requires specialized knowledge and extensive industry experience.

Our services include economic & market research studies (feasibility studies) for self-storage developers.

Cost Estimating

It goes without saying that cost is a major deciding factor when it comes to any self-storage construction project. As the leader among self-storage construction firms in Northern California, Cubix Asset Management takes a holistic approach to measuring how much it costs to develop a self-storage facility. 

Thanks to our longtime experience in self-storage construction, we have a deep insight into what does and does not work when it comes to estimating construction costs. We don't simply analyze the materials and scope of work, we analyze constructability to create a thorough scope of how the entire self-storage project comes together and what effects different choices will have on the final figure.

Being one cornerstone of our construction & real estate consulting services, our cost estimating capabilities include: feasibility studies, change order management, post-bid and pre-bid analysis studies, cost forecasting, value engineering, and pre-contract audit services.

Construction Project Risk Assessment

At Cubix Asset Management, we know that every self-storage construction project brings unique risks and challenges. As a self-storage construction expert, we assist landowners and developers in identifying the internal risks in their self-storage construction projects. Our self-storage construction consulting team provides our clients with professional guidance, unbiased information, and superb communication.

By enlisting our services, you will benefit from a self-storage consulting company with decades of experience building over 400 self-storage construction projects. Our risk assessments identify issues that could potentially cause lengthy and expensive delays and situations when the construction team may require additional support. In doing so, we help give peace of mind that the construction process is set for success and that potential construction claims are avoided.

Self-storage construction project risk assessment services we offer: change order reviews, bid and construction budgeting reviews, project delivery and construction contract review, schedule update and as-planned schedule reviews, and site observation and drive request reviews.

Self-Storage consulting - Land use / Entitlement support services

The development and re-development of large properties can create life-changing opportunities. However, California's many stakeholders and vested interests can make it difficult to create such opportunities.

Cubix Asset Management provides premier self-storage development consulting in the San Francisco Bay Area and Northern California.  We possess the knowledge and the experience necessary to help real estate developers streamline their construction project's entitlement process. This ensures that all crucial compliance checkmarks are checked, and all the necessary numbers are penciled out.

We will customize our services to fit your specific situation and requirements. Our entitlement self-storage development consulting services include land development strategy, design, preparing and filing site applications, and researching land use and zoning.

The best self-storage development consulting in the San Francisco Bay Area

As one of the most populous metropolitan areas in the United States, the San Francisco Bay Area possesses many features that make it highly attractive to self-storage investors, developers, and real estate owners alike. The Mediterranean comate, leading business industries, and numerous tourist attractions play a considerable role in the region’s vibrant real estate market.

By adding Cubix Asset Management's decades of experience in self-storage construction and development consulting services to your team, you can ensure smooth sailing for your San Francisco Bay Area self-storage development. Reach out to us today so that we can discuss how we can help your project.

Self Storage Market Research That Goes Beyond the Numbers

In today’s world, gathering the statistical data for a market research report is the easy part. Achieving a deeper understanding of the various market forces at play on a specific project requires a more sophisticated approach.

Cubix Asset Management leverages the best and brightest experts in feasibility analyses along with the direct experience of our management team in self-storage construction, ownership, and operation of self-storage businesses. With decades of proven experience in self-storage construction, development, and operations, we provide a unique perspective compared to others who simply generate a traditional market report. 

A Trusted Partner for Project Success

Self-storage construction is a dynamic process with countless moving pieces, disparate interests, and the potential for budget-busting surprises around every corner. Capable owners and construction finance professionals know that due diligence goes beyond economic viability. No two projects are the same. To effectively assess the internal risks of a self-storage construction project, an evaluation pairing the construction risk with the general self-storage development and operation of the self-storage business itself is our specialty.

Cubix Asset Management's construction consulting team helps prospective land owners and developers identify and address the project's risks, acting as their extra set of eyes and ears. Our clients count on us as a consistent source of unbiased information, professional guidance, and superlative communication to the construction team.

Utilizing our decades of experience managing complex construction projects, we bring the foresight to catch potential delay-causing issues as well as spot when the team may need additional support.

Our project risk assessment capabilities include:

    Construction Contract & Project Delivery Review

    Construction Budgeting & Bid Reviews

    As-Planned Schedule & Schedule Update Reviews

    Change Order Reviews

    Draw Request Reviews & Site Observations


Transforming Land & Properties into Opportunities

Developing or re-developing land and built properties can bring life-changing opportunities. Creating those opportunities in California can be tricky due to many vested interests and stakeholders in the community. For both the uninitiated and experienced professionals, getting from concept to construction permit can be a minefield of challenges. A million things can get overlooked or go wrong, and any one of them can make a difference between project success or failure. That's where we can help.

Cubix Asset Management connects self-storage real estate developers with the expertise needed to move the project toward completion.

Our specific self-storage land use expertise brings decades of in-depth knowledge and experience to the table. We help self-storage developers streamline their project's entitlement process, ensuring that the numbers are penciled out and compliance checkmarks are checked.

Cubix's team has been involved with tens of thousands of acres of self-storage entitlements and has expertise working and communicating with jurisdictions throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, various Bay Area counties, and California regulatory agencies.

We tailor our services to fit our client’s needs, from due diligence, and technical surveys to land use feasibility analysis and recommendations.

Our Self-Storage Development / Entitlement support services include:

    Land Use & Zoning Research

    Land Acquisition / Underwriting


Land Use, Zoning Research & Due Diligence

Rules and regulations vary across states, counties, and even neighboring cities.  While generally governed by a common body of law, policies and procedures are seldom identical.  We have experienced professionals who have dealt in jurisdictions across the San Francisco Bay Area on a wide variety of projects and can quickly assess and document the specifics of each situation.

Besides researching governing bodies, the Cubix team can assist in all aspects of project due diligence.  From project status to assessment of title to overseeing the field services necessary to assess boundary conditions, geotechnical suitability, and determination of site hazards and remediation plans, including Phase 1 and Phase 2 studies where needed.

Land Acquisition / Underwriting

The Cubix Asset Management team has decades of experience in the acquisition, development, and disposition of self-storage real estate projects valued over a billion dollars.  We can assist an investor in the acquisition analysis, economic studies, and due diligence necessary to acquire property with a high degree of credibility and understanding that the issues, hurdles, and opportunities of the project are properly assessed.

Support Services for Developing Self-Storage Projects

There are a million things that can get overlooked or go wrong during development and construction. Any one of them can make the difference between project success and project failure. That’s where we can help.